The Dayton National Cemetery Honor Squad debuted on Memorial Day, 2015. Prior to its forming, 90% of veterans interred at the Dayton National Cemetery did NOT receive full military honors.

Since that date, 100% of Veterans buried receive full military honors. 

Dayton Honor Squad, military honors, Dayton Natonal Cemetery


The Department of Defense organizes a two-person honor team which performs military funeral honors including the playing of TAPS, folding the American flag, and the presentation of the flag to the deceased's next of kin.  The Honor Squad supplements this team by firing a 3-round rifle volley, provides the duties of the DOD when they are not available and other acts which serve to provide veterans with full military honors.


The three-volley originated in 17th Century Europe during the Dynastic Wars. This traditional battle ceasefire where each side would clear the dead. The firing of three volleys indicated the dead were cleared and properly cared for. 

Dayton Honor Squad, military honors, gun rifle salute, Dayton National Cemetery